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On Tire Tailgate System (OTTS) is the reality of a dream. Steve has had many hours over the road travel with lots of time to think. Most of his creative ideas started from that time alone. While enjoying family camping along with numerous NASCAR race weekends, OTTS was imagined. Realizing the amount of awning space taken in setting up a table with a TV for outdoor entertainment, the dream of OTTS began. The idea of saving space with OTTS left more room for friends and family to gather. As prototypes were made, OTTS became more of a family endeavor with manufacturing and development.

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The idea of outdoor entertainment with OTTS is aimed at revolutionizing your tailgate experience. Creating a product that was lightweight, easy to assemble, and affordable to those who were excited about an outdoor entertainment option was the goal in production. Also being manufactured in the US was of high priority. Made of aluminum, the OTTS is manufactured to hold up to 40 pounds. It’s patent-pending design allows one to adjust the system to fit on almost any size tire. The stability of the OTTS comes from the straps that secure the system to the wheel frame. Furthering this stability is the adjustable leg that makes any surface a possibility for the OTTS. The pivoting support arm can adjust 180 degrees to meet your viewing needs. The system includes a shelf to hold the component used by tailgaters to bring entertainment to their surroundings. The mounting pole comes with an attached bracket to hold TV’s from 17 inches to 40 inches. With the use of t-knobs, no tools are required in assembling the OTTS.This makes assembling and disassembling the system quick and simple.

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