The On Tire Tailgate System

Now you can enjoy an outdoor entertainment experience like no other anywhere, anytime!


On tire tailgate system (OTTS) is the reality of a dream. Steve has had many hours over the road travel with lots of time to think. Most of his creative ideas started from that time alone. While enjoying family camping along with numerous NASCAR race weekends, OTTS was imagined. Realizing the amount of awning space taken in setting up a table with a TV for outdoor entertainment, the dream of OTTS began. The idea of saving space with OTTS left more room for friends and family to gather. As prototypes were made, OTTS became more of a family endeavor with manufacturing and development.

On Tire Tailgate System


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The idea of outdoor entertainment with OTTS is aimed at revolutionizing your tailgate experience. Creating a product that was lightweight, easy to assemble, and affordable to those who were excited about an outdoor entertainment option was the goal in production. Also being manufactured in the US was of high priority. Made of aluminum, the OTTS is manufactured to hold up to 40 pounds. It’s patent-pending design allows one to adjust the system to fit on almost any size tire. The stability of the OTTS comes from the straps that secure the system to the wheel frame. Furthering this stability is the adjustable leg that makes any surface a possibility for the OTTS. The pivoting support arm can adjust 180 degrees to meet your viewing needs. The system includes a shelf to hold the component used by tailgaters to bring entertainment to their surroundings. The mounting pole comes with an attached bracket to hold TV’s from 17 inches to 40 inches. With the use of t-knobs, no tools are required in assembling the OTTS.This makes assembling and disassembling the system quick and simple.

OTTS Solves Tailgating Dilemmas

Tailgating at your favorite sporting event and can’t figure out where to put everything?

Got your camper set up, but running out of rooms for grills, TVs, coolers, etc.?

The answers are here, and you can thank American ingenuity and craftsmanship.

On Tire Tailgate System (www.OnTireTailgateSystem.com) was dreamed up, drawn up, built, tweaked and invented by Steve Tidmore of Atlanta, Georgia. The family-owned and operated company has been growing and going out to people with tailgate space issues for a few years now.

The main function of Tidmore’s patent pending creation of On Tire Tailgate System (OTTS) is to make the most of available space for people who enjoy the outdoors in multiple capacities. He and his son, Josh, are the main two behind the operation, but his wife, Donna, father, mother, brother-in-laws can all be found manufacturing, boxing and shipping OTTS to customers.

The entire OTTS is designed to sit over a camper or truck tire of any size, securely fastened with braces and straps to hold whatever you don’t want to take up table space.

“This is something I dreamed up while traveling up and down the road working as a hauler driver for NASCAR teams,” Tidmore said. “I used to watch people have so much stuff on their tables and secured to their camper sides I knew there had to be a better way.

“So, myself and my son started drawing out the first editions of OTTS and we knew were on to something. Once people check it out, and see how it works, easy it goes together and how great they are, they’re sold.

“Like most everyone else, business took a hit last year with the COVID restrictions. But, with NASCAR tracks opening up the stands and campgrounds again, our orders and sales are increasing.”
Through his diligence, persistence and down-to-earth approach, Tidmore is now growing OTTS to RV Centers and other outdoor dealers.

Regular people business

Tidmore and his wife, plus other members of the family, have one thing in common with the OTTS endeavor.

They’re just regular people, creating something they love.

“We travel in a small pull-behind camper, not some six-digit costing bus when we camp, go to races or sporting events,” Tidmore said. “We park at Talladega and Charlotte outside of the track, not inside with some of the high-dollar people. We both have full-time jobs we work in addition to this business.

“Every piece and part of OTTS is Made in America, and made by us. We pride ourselves on not having a third party involved in creating each system. The only thing we do contract out is the creating of the box and shipping materials inside.
“We have put a lot of time and effort into this in both design, creation and marketing it to as many people as we can.”

When he says it a family operation, he truly means that when all the photos you see on their website are of different family members helping weld, bend and put together each system.

Making it even more special is each of them believe in the OTTS and hope it becomes successful. That kind of support isn’t easily found, but that’s what you get when you deal with regular people like the Tidmore’s

Affordable and sensible

  • The cost is a very valuable $199 per unit and includes everything you need to set up, except the tire it will be secured over. You should HOPEFULLY find that attached to your vehicle or camper.
  • OTTS eliminates the need to set up extra tables for TVs, grills, coolers, gaming systems, sound systems or just about anything you need space for while you’re outdoors.
  • When not using it for those items, you can simply slide an umbrella into the main holder and use it while you sit outside or inside your truck. That’s one way to eliminate bringing a big pop-up along.
  • “We keep discovering different uses for OTTS as we go along,” Tidmore said. “We get customers that call us and tell when they find another use for it so we can tell any new customers.
  • “That’s one thing nice about a smaller operation like ours; you can talk to the owner, inventor, sales and shipping departments all at once.”

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